Toyota 86: Styled to Impress

The Toyota 86 is one of the fastest sports cars for its class. While other competitors are focused on four-cylinders, Toyota 86 sticks with V6 cylinder power and doesn't skimp on the technology either. There are a ton of features inside of the new 86, including driver assistance features and voice-activated commands through smartphone integration.

You can expect a whole lot out of the 86. With its latest model, the coupe has been made to entertain and delight the riders as well as the driver. You'll get a totally new driving experience from being in the 86. This includes driver assistance features like blind spot monitoring, lane keep assist, and parking assist. Want more? You'll be able to instantly connect to all of your diagnostics through the center console display, which is a 4-inch LED display.

There are lots of other things to love about the interior features in the 86. Want to take a test drive? Stop by Capitol Toyota.



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