New Toyota Camry Safety Features Drivers Appreciate

The new Toyota Camry is a midsize sedan that has exploded in popularity in recent months due in part to all the safety features packed inside this vehicle.

One safety feature in the new Toyota Camry is the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control, and it makes driving at high speeds safer. Once you set the desired speed, the system scans to make sure a safe distance is maintained. If a car enters in front of the car driving too slow, the brakes power down the car until clear, then the Camry will resume the set speed.

The Automatic High Beams in the Toyota Camry make driving at night safe. The high beams come on at a certain speed and stay on increasing visibility. If a vehicle comes towards you, the low beams are activated until clear and the high beams toggle back on.

Take the all-new Camry for a test drive today at Capitol Toyota.

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