Tackle Various Travel Tasks While Using Entune by Toyota

Toyota Entune is a strategic tool that gives passengers advantages while traveling in a Toyota vehicle. The process of using different features that are included with Entune isn't a hassle because the console has a convenient touchscreen panel.

If you operate a Toyota vehicle with Entune on various highways in San Jose, you can avoid slow traffic by using the traffic tool. All of the traffic alerts are up-to-date because Entune pulls traffic data from a satellite in space.

Entune also has music tools that can keep everyone in the cabin entertained. The system can play songs on the radio and music on CDs.

This system can also gather weather information, sports scores, and financial reports. In order to access this data, a SiriusXM subscription is needed.

Capitol Toyota sells many Toyota vehicles that are equipped with Entune. If you want to test drive a Toyota automobile that has Entune, visit our dealership today.



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