Look at the Exterior Features of the Toyota Yaris

Buyers seeking a subcompact car aren't only interested in interior comfort. Exterior looks count for a lot, too. With the Toyota Yaris, the popular subcompact vehicle, comes with a host of solid exterior features.

The honeycomb grille ranks as one of the more unique aspects to the exterior design. With the grille, the Yaris embodies a sporty feel. The racecar look to the grille adds a brilliantly stylish component to the model.

Enhanced looks represent something of desirable value for a new car. Safety features, however, may be higher on the priority list of some consumers. The exterior fog lights on the Yaris might be valuable to safety-conscious buyers. The fog lights do add visibility when the vehicle travels down a road. Drivers can't always rely on natural light. Fog lights come into play when conditions are troubling.

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