There are very few feelings that are better than the sensation you get when you are properly pushing your driving skills. The Toyota 86 sports car is the perfect vehicle to learn what your limits are and how much you can push them safely.

The reason the 86 is so perfect for learning how to drive properly is that it gives you complete control of the vehicle. It does come with features to make driving easier but Toyota allows you to turn them all off. The Toyota 86 can either come with a six-speed manual transmission or a six-speed automatic. The manual will give you a better connection with the car due to the effort it inherently takes to drive a manual car. They haven't skimped on the automatic transmission though. It comes with steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters so you can easily have the 86 in the exact gear you want it in at all times.

The 86 is the ultimate enthusiast's everyday commuter car. You can drive it to your job in San Jose, CA during the week and take it out to the highways on the weekend. If you are itching to get behind the wheel of the 86, stop by Capitol Toyota and our team of experts will help you locate your dream vehicle.


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