The Toyota Tacoma is one of the best trucks on the road with a base engine that outperforms many of the other lightweight options in the compact truck class. US News & World Report gave the Tacoma high marks in performance and reliability, which is no surprise for this Japanese automaker. You can still spot Tacoma trucks on the road from decades ago. So what's new with this latest Tacoma?

The performance packages start at a four-cylinder that can pull above average fuel efficiency for the class, and it comes with tons of driver safety assist features like blind spot monitoring. The V6 upgrade is worth it if you want more horsepower. All Tacoma models are rated for over 6,500 pounds towing capacity, and they include a six-speed transmission.

Have you seen the new Tacoma? It's an incredible way to get to work, haul what you need, and go on camping trips. Take a spin at Capitol Toyota.



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