The Toyota 86 is an affordable sports car with luxury performance features. Our Capitol Toyota team loves them all, but we chose a few for your edification.

User Friendly Paddle Shifters

Remember old stick shifts? Clutches, stick shifts and manual transmission are hallmarks of sports and race cars. However, the Toyota 86 offers a six-speed automatic transmission for those who prefer it. To preserve its torquey, sporty ride feel, the Toyota 86 boasts paddle shifters. They provide a hands-on, old school-inspired way to shift gears like a stick shifter. The shifters are steering-wheel mounted for easy reach and use while you're zipping through San Jose streets.

The Perfect Amount of Rev

The Toyota 86's Dynamic Rev Management automatically rev-matches when you downshift. What does that mean? Normally, you'd have to rev (raise, adjust) engine speed to match the lower speed of the gear into which you're downshifting. Failure to do so bogs down the engine and transmission, making cornering, deceleration/acceleration and changing gears slow, choppy and inefficient. By rev-matching, the Toyota 86 eliminates these worries, making gear-shifting buttery smooth on all terrains.


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