We think of sedans as reliable workaday transportation, some of them luxurious, others straightforward. The Toyota Avalon combines the best of multiple categories, scoring major points for styling, safety, tech and performance features.

Suspension That Adapts

Not all roads in San Jose are created equal. That's why our Capitol Toyota team loves the Toyota Avalon's Adaptive Variable Suspension. AVS adjusts dampers in an instant to subtle changes in road quality and landscape. Available drive modes, such as Sport Mode, tap into the highest range of damping. The damping maintains efficiency and a smooth ride feel, whether you're hitting hills, uneven ground or even gravel-strewn country roads.

Never Drags You Down

The Toyota Avalon's exterior frame boasts strategically placed vents and sloping angles. They include the tangential vents on its front side bumpers, a rear diffuser, a rear spoiler and special underbody panels. The panels and angels reduce drag, improving fuel efficiency and handling and keeping the Toyota Avalon's overall ride quiet and chill.


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