2019 Toyota C-HR: Loaded with Features

In today's automobile market, features are what sells the vehicle. The 2019 Toyota C-HR does not disappoint. With its diamond like exterior styling, it makes quite the visual impact the minute you see it. The LED daytime running lights coupled with bright halogen headlights lend to the distinctive design of this edgy vehicle. The rear spoiler adds some height the already distinctive profile of this Toyota model.

Sure, this vehicle offers the standard features like a rear window wiper and defogger, a noise-reducing windshield, high performance fog lights, chrome window accents, and the like. However it also offers some advanced features like touch sensor unlock/lock doors, 18 inch alloy wheels (or 17 inch, depending on the model), a state of the art audio system, and safety features, like ten airbags and more, to keep the driver and every passenger as safe as possible. There are three models to choose form and customize for the C-HR.



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